Jump Into Paradise Retreat

July 24th – 26th 2020  in Paradise Valley, AZ  I am offering you a private retreat inside a mansion with your collegues. Join a bunch other pet sitting business owners bonding while working and playing for an entire weekend.

A Magical Experience

Magic happens when you can meet the people you have grown to know and love online, in person. It happens when you can feel the energy of the room and literally feel the support from others who are in the same industry.

Magic creates excitement, comradery, love, and relatability. “It was life changing” one 2019 attendee said.

This is what you are going to experience at the Jump Into Paradise Retreat!


We will have workshops on all aspects of business helping you increase your confidence. 


We will laugh until we cry as we role play and challenge one another in a competition style learning events where we will be inspired and learn so much more. We have carefully carved out enough time to relax and bond so you have a fun time. 


Delight in knowing that it isn’t just going to just be Bella leading the entire time. We have ushered in a yoga instructor and business experts who will excite your mind, body, spirit, and business! Everyone gets their own luxurious bed and space in the mansion.

Take a look at the Mansion where you will be staying:



From July 24th to the 26th 2019 in Paradise Valley, AZ


Join us in Paradise, as you share an estate with your fellow pet business owners.

  • Enjoy a fully stocked house of food and drink to your liking.
  • A pool and spa for great late nighht bonding.
  • Allow a catered lunch to be delivered to you and breakfast to be cooked for you by our breakfast chef.
  • Get excited about a nice dinner out with the crew you have been getting to know at a local restaurant.
  • Get whisked away in the transportation provided as you enjoy the local cuisine and a fun Scottsdale, AZ experience.
  • Relax at night laughing, talking, and reminiscing with your favorite pet sitting pals as you enjoy the pool at night with your favorite beverage and just have fun.

Work. Play. Relax.


I have carefully constructed the perfect itinerary of workshops, fun, relaxation, and friendship that you can only experience to really understand. You will have the opportunity to have a professionally taken digital headshot home with you and we will record your video biography on your own phone that you can use in your business!

Your mind is guaranteed to be off and running and we will acknowledge every idea you get excited about with our sticky wall… You will have to see this to believe it. We will cover a wall with all of your ideas so we can pick the best ones with the most powerful ‘group think’ you have ever experienced.

We will have an expert come in to really expand your mind on messaging and how you can have it infiltrate your entire company. You will see how it starts with a message and how you can transform and promote that throughout your website, Facebook, Instagram, emails, blogs, and marketing materials.

You can expect to be in a comfortable home environment where I have tried to take care of every single detail so you can relax, work, and bond.

Get ready to join me and many other pet business owners in Paradise Valley, AZ on the JUMP INTO PARADISE RETREAT

There is something special and magical about this retreat that is just hard for me to explain.

I will bring the magic. You won’t be disappointed.

It is literally going to be so so so good for your business soul!

I will be pouring into you the entire weekend helping guide conversations and answer questions the entire time we are together. Whether is it in the roundups or workshops or fun activities during the day to the dinners and relaxing at night…

I will be there for YOU the entire time.

In other industries, these types of retreats go for $5-$10K for the weekend. For the weekend. This retreat is practically a steal. Take a look at what is included in this (almost) all-inclusive weekend:

Here is what is included:

Lunch on Friday
Transportation to and from dinner
First round of drinks at dinner.
Breakfast on Saturday
Lunch on Saturday
Yoga class
Expert speaker
Transportation to and from dinner
First round of drinks on Saturday.
Breakfast on Sunday
Lunch on Sunday
Professional digital headshot
Cabinets stocked with your favorite snacks.
Fridge stocked with your fav beverages.
Basic Toiletries
Post it notes galore!

*Attendees are responsible for their own dinner bill Friday and Saturday night


Most rooms are shared with your own bed. This is a all woman’s retreat. Sorry guys! 

This is a special event.  Where else in the pet sitting and dog walking industry has anyone ever invited you into their home to curl up on their couch with a fully stocked home to get comfortable in?

Where else have you been able to hunker down, work on your business, and have so much fun with like-minded people?

10 bedrooms / 6.5 baths

Don’t Get It Twisted:
This is not a conference!

I want you to forget everything you know about conferences because this isn’t a conference. I will not subject you to a conference room with the only access to coffee and water in the back of the room. I will not strip you of natural sunlight, beautiful outdoor views, or make your stomach growl as you wait for the next carb filled meal that makes you tired. I will not make you sit uncomfortably in dressy clothes, feel like you can’t just speak up, and fall into a trance of a speaker up on a stage with a microphone., or be trying to wrangle your ADD mind. 

Allow us all to inspire you. Allow the group to lift you up, give you advice, and for you to curl up on the sofa with your laptop and take notes and work on the tangible elements I will show you how to do. Delight in knowing that the magic of this retreat is the skills, knowledge, and energy of your fellow members. 

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